Co-Founder & CEO
Nina Baliga
Nina believes that problems can be solved for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.  She worked in both non- and for-profit organizations for nearly twenty years, bridging between the needs of sustainable businesses and the public good.  With 10 years of work in the tech sector under her belt, Nina has focused on user experience design, digital strategy, and business development.  Nina wants to see more women and people of color in leadership positions around the country. She hopes to build a foundation for a stronger and more diverse tech community.
Co-Founder & CTO
Kim Schlesinger
Kim is currently a Site Reliability Engineer at ReactiveOps. Prior to being an SRE, Kim was a Web Development Instructor at Galvanize, an Instructional Coach for Teach For America, and taught elementary school special education and music for six years.
UX Designer
Morgan Keenan
Morgan believes in the power for people to create change and that's one of the many reasons they choose to work as a UX Designer. After 10 years in not for profit organizations working to empower people who identify as young, queer and/or trans in Missouri, Morgan made the jump to designing digital experiences. They are into cooking, camping and all things glitter.
UX & Graphic Designer
Deirdre Brooks
With a background in non-profit asset based community development and equity, Deirdre brings an empathetic and human lens to user experience design and research. She believes that design begins with challenging the way you think, she works hard to challenge her thinking about design and everything else. Deirdre also believe double stuffed oreos are overrated and doggles might be the best thing since sliced bread. link.
Advisory Board
UB Ciminieri
UB has worn many hats in his career - business development, client support, solutions consultant, marketing, training, speaking - and it's clear that these different roles have given him the passion for building companies. His work with various technology startups in Colorado has given him a front row seat to the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. This in combination with his Latino background and the experience of his immigrant father from Argentina, has driven his passion for changing how companies attract, retain and develop diverse talent. As the Chief Strategic Connections Officer of Jobber Group, UB navigates community, partner and client connections to maximize the impact of those relationships, and to create new ones for the benefit of everyone involved. UB, through his experiences, has come to appreciate the diversity necessary for success, a driving force for joining our advisory board.
Advisory Board
L’Teisha Ryan
L’Teisha Ryan is an award-winning communications expert with an extensive background leading and managing employee communications, public relations, executive thought leadership, crisis plans and digital programs. As a pro-active and savvy senior consultant, she has successfully directed global initiatives in the changing business environments of Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, digital payments and tech, particularly through M&A, divestiture and restructuring efforts. She’s also attune to advances in diversity & inclusion, branding and reputation management. L’Teisha works to create safe, encouraging experiences for her daughter to learn about tech and coding. She also loves a good cupcake and, at many times, will eat dessert first.
Advisory Board
Luiz Henrique Gonçalves
Luiz Goncalves is corporate communications manager at Ball Corporation, a global packaging and aerospace company with more than 18,000 employees around the world. He manages content for internal and external communication channels, including global communication campaigns and events that support Ball’s unique culture. Luiz led the South America communication efforts of a major acquisition for Ball and most recently moved to the U.S. to integrate the global communications team.  Luiz has nearly 10 years’ experience in corporate communications in the manufacturing sector.
Advisory Board
Elaine Marino
Elaine Marino spearheads a movement championing the underrepresented in the tech industry. Specifically, she has been working in Colorado running Equili, a company creating and running diverse tech programs such as GoCode Colorado and LadyCoders. Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 advertising to Ruby on Rails software development, allowing Elaine to bring a plethora of experience to her client’s tech programs from idea, curation to execution. There is a sweet-spot where technology enhances the lives of people and communities -- that is where Elaine thrives.
Advisory Board
Raine Revere
Raine Revere is an engineer and educator in the Ethereum community who has spoken at blockchain events across the world. Raine is the Lead Architect of ShapeShift Prism and is the co-founder of Maiden, a company that delivers socially-aware blockchain education, cultural & leadership development, and diversity-powered blockchain consulting. As a therapist, teacher, and cryptocurrency engineer, Raine has the unique capacity to engage deeply with both the technical and social aspects of technology.